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The Bible gives us tools to create Just Community with one another.


The Bible is full of examples that we can use to strengthen our community ties. I believe that division and hatred are grievous things that we must actively work against. We have an opportunity to live fully into the Lord’s prayer but only if we prioritize just community. I love working with communities in order to help them do the important work of confession, undoing oppression, and community building.

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About Chris

Chris Burton is the sole proprietor of an anti-racism consulting agency for churches and schools called Di Baddest Consulting. Born and educated in Brooklyn, Chris is a writer for himself and others. He is a proud Davidson alum, received his Doctor of Ministry and Master of Divinity from Union Presbyterian Seminary, as well as a Master of Science in Education from St. John's University. 


He serves as an ambassador for the Lupus Foundation of America and is a Social Justice Fellow for The Memorial Foundation. Chris was named “an innovator in ministry you should know” by the Presbyterian Outlook. Chris co-hosts a podcast about race, culture and soul care called CrossStreets. His preaching was featured on A Sermon For Every Sunday. His speaking was featured in Tedx, a speaking series that highlights human connection.


His writing has been featured in The Presbyterian Outlook, Boomshots, The Hill, Unbound, The Sports Fan Journal, and The Christian Century. Chris writes about Jamaican culture, music, sports, living with Lupus and his journey with God.


You can find Chris' work at and

“I’m looking forward to continuing the journey of unlearning and learning and working toward a more decentered spiritual practice both corporately and individually, remembering Chris’s emphasis on prayer.”


Chris' Talks

Talk Topics

“Justice Is Participatory”

In this talk we are going to learn about the importance of courage and the participatory nature of justice. By the end of this talk, you should know more about the story of Esther and how her story can empower us to be courageous with the problems of our time, particularly with our struggle to end racism and have better community with one another. 

"Confession Is The Start"

In this talk we take a look at the book of Daniel and explore the ways in which we can use our commitment to justice in order to speak truth to power. By the end of the talk, you should consider the ways that God is calling you to resist empire. 




“Witnessing to Chris’ leadership and facilitation skills. That zoom space is the most I’ve ever interacted with those of different/opposing opinions outwardly about race and the church. It’s a really tricky space to be in and Chris did a great job leading us through that. He exemplified patience and consideration. He helped people see differently when they were clouded by harmful narratives. Thank you, Chris, for reminding me how to do that.”



Phone Number: 804 759 3943


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